21 construction workers who clearly didn’t give a damn

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Here is a compilation of 21 photos that show that bullshit is human

1. This is clearly not an access ramp, but a surreal installation.

2. This work is clearly inspired by the work of MC Escher.

3. This architect wanted to explore the concept of space.

4. These manufacturers have pushed back the law of gravity.

5. The work of this tiler is inspired by Taoist philosophies. In this demanding work, the top is the bottom.

6. This artist began his career as a tire manufacturer, and influences from his original profession continue to be felt in his latest works.

7. Doors are often a symbol of connection in art, but this work completely rejects this convention.

8. Ah, yes! A perfect use of juxtaposition to make you think about the obstacles of modern urban life. Very convincing.

9. These seats invite introspection, making the spectator an active participant rather than a passive observer.

10. A sharp look at the futility of life.

11. This artist sought to reproduce the struggle of Sisyphus in his creations.

12. This architect was inspired by Picasso to create disturbing surreal spaces.

13. And there are elements of cubism in this work.

14. This work captures a lot of emotions. We feel the anguish of the artist.

15. This work of the Dada movement explores the theme of masochism.

16. An abstract look at basketball.

17. It is incredible to see how art can take hold of something banal, make a simple modification, and make you see the world from a new perspective.

18. It is difficult to restore quantum superimpositions by a physical medium, but this constructor has succeeded.

19. This is not a staircase, it is a sculpture that reflects the passage of time.

20. Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?

21. These are the questions that keep all artists and all modern workers awake.

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