Architizer: A+ Architecture

Architizer: A+ Architecture

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Architizer is the No. 1 app for sourcing architectural design inspiration and conducting precedent research. Using Architizer, you can browse millions of architectural photos with context and provenance uploaded by more than 30,000 architectural firms from around the globe.


  • The Feed – A curated stream of the best architectural projects on Architizer, updated in real time. Launch the app and scroll through every featured building.
  • Categories – Interested in apartments? Skyscrapers? Interiors? No problem. We took the guesswork out of flipping through magazines. Click on one of our pre-programmed categories and the feed will show you the projects you’re looking for.
  • Learn More – From the project feed, tap on any image to reveal the associated project description, location, architecture firm and more photos.
  • Get Technical – Explore thousands of architectural floor plans, sections, elevations and detail drawings behind many of the world’s best buildings.
  • Dig Deeper – To see more projects designed by a given firm, click on the firm name. To see more projects from that location, click on the city. To see more projects of that building type, click on the taxonomy.

About the App

  • Any Direction – The app works in vertical or horizontal scroll modes.
  • Spread the Word – Easy integration with Facebook and Twitter accounts lets you share the buildings you love with your network of friends.
  • Infinite Scroll – Effortlessly browse through every project that’s been featured on Architizer.
  • Email – Send your favorite finds to your architect or designer to show them specific sources of inspiration, or collect them to make your own look book.

Architizer is where architects do their work. The New York Times called Architizer “a hybrid of Flickr, Facebook & LinkedIn for architects.”

APP Overview

Download the Android APP

Download the IOS APP

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