Futuristic architecture - discover Zaha Hadid's masterpieces in 20 stunning photos

Futuristic architecture – discover Zaha Hadid’s masterpieces in 20 stunning photos

Layers and sharp angles are the words to describe all the projects of the famous Iraqi-British architect

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This week, we decided to show you the masterpieces of one of the biggest names in the history of futuristic architecture – Zaha Hadid. Iraqi-British-born Zaha Hadid, winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize, is the first woman to establish herself worldwide as one of the leading figures of deconstructivism, a movement that glorifies broken forms and curved lines. Having become a true legend in her lifetime, Zaha Hadid was awarded the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture in 2015. Her most notable projects include the Bergisel ski jump in Innsbruck, the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnat, the Phaeno science complex in Wolfsburg, and the National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome.

zaha hadid shopping mall innovative project curved lines broken shapes

Futuristic architecture as seen by Zaha Hadid – check out our favorites!

zaha hadid portrait black white architect irako british

Layers and sharp angles are the words to describe all the projects of the famous Iraqi-British architect. Born in Iraq in October 1950, Zaha Hadid first studied mathematics in Beirut before moving to London to continue her higher education. Zaha Hadid’s professional life was marked by an inauspicious beginning. In the 1980s, when the young architect was actively involved in the deconstructivist movement, her projects were considered difficult, if not impossible, to build. Thanks to her tenacious character and extraordinary talent, Hadid succeeded in realizing all her dreams to establish herself as one of the greatest architects of the 21st century by breaking all stereotypes in modern architecture.

Futuristic architecture glorifies simplicity in all its forms!

zaha hadid office tower dubai white interior futuristic architecture olympic pool london zaha hadid

“The Opus Office Tower in Dubai is Zaha Hadid’s first building in the Middle East. The Opus Tower is a futuristic building that is characterized by an exceptional structure of over 95 meters high. One is fascinated by its exterior facade as well as by its interior placed under the sign of luxury! Both sober and luminous, this room reveals its modern furniture with clean lines, which marries the minimalist elegance of the suspended staircase and the futuristic ceiling.

Futuristic architecture is present in all of Zaha Hadid’s works!

futuristic architecture olympic pool london zaha hadid

Succumb to the charm of this gigantic pool by Zaha Hadid. Futuristic architecture is everywhere here – from the designer ceiling to the glass walls to the sleek shapes of this beautiful indoor pool. This is a 50-meter competition pool designed specifically for the 2012 London Olympics.

Futuristic architecture rhymes with pure forms and neutral colors

futuristic architecture puerte america madrid minimalist hotel white room

Futuristic architecture has many different faces. The proof is in the pictures! Take a look at the photo above to savor the aesthetics of this bedroom designed by Zaha Hadid. Here, everything inspires rest and relaxation: no garish colors or superfluous objects.

The Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, USA

futuristic architecture zaha hadid rosenthal cincinnatti modern façade

Above is a true gem of futuristic architecture – The Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. To reach the exhibition halls, you have to climb the voluminous staircase in the building’s lobby. “The Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art seduces us with its concrete interior and its beautiful lacquered steel staircases.

Futuristic architecture loves triangular shapes!

futuristic architecture zahaèhadid building angular forms exterior facade

Futurist architecture loves irregularity in all its forms. Zaha Hadid, for her part, advocates asymmetry and angular forms. Vitra Fire Station is a fire station with angular shapes that propelled its creator, Zaha Hadid, to the top of fame. The concrete building has a simple yet elegant design and a structure with flowing lines inspired by deconstructivism.

Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, Scotland

futuristic architecture scotland shopping mall zahaèhadid facade

Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre is a follow-up center for cancer patients. This beautiful, modern building has a simple, unique design that is a testament to the unparalleled talent of its designer – Zaha Hadid. Straight lines and quality materials blend in elegant harmony to create a green setting.

The futuristic architecture reshapes both the exterior and interior of modern homes!

futuristic architecture roca hall reception white floor oraganic

Have you heard of the “Roca” brand? Futuristic architecture and organic design are the main characteristics of this famous bathroom brand. And it’s no coincidence that the design of their showroom was entrusted to Zaha Hadid Architects! The Roca London Gallery located in Chelsea Harbour extends to over 1000 square meters and amazes us with its organic interior designed with a serene spirit.

The “Dancing Towers” are a true gem of futuristic architecture

futuristic architecture zaha hadid dubal sky scraper optical effect

“Dancing Towers” is the name of this masterpiece of futuristic architecture by Zaha Hadid. Indeed, these three multifunctional towers located in the center of the Business Bay district in Dubai are composed of numerous offices as well as private residences. The hotel tower and the office tower are linked by a common meeting space for the hotel residents.

Futuristic architecture and straight lines are the hallmarks of the Phaneo Science Museum!

futuristic architecture zaha haddid phaneo construction concrete

Another jewel of futuristic architecture – the Phaneo. The Phaneo is a science museum located in Wolfsburg, Germany. Built between 2000 and 2005, this original building dazzles us with the architectural purity of its facade, which expresses the pronounced taste of its creator for remodeling linear forms.

Admire the elegant sobriety of this futuristic funicular signed Zaha Hadid!

futuristic architecture zaha hadid nordkettenbahn innsbruck white organic

Can you guess the nature of the building above? This gem of futuristic architecture is a funicular designed by Zaha Hadid. With a snow-white translucent glass roof shaped like a bird’s wings, this majestic building makes you feel like you are flying.

Futuristic architecture and pure design make the headquarters of the BMW Group in Leipzig a real highlight!

futuristic architecture lepzig modern building clean lines

Discreet forms and straight lines merge in a bewitching harmony to sublimate the premises of the BMW Group headquarters in Leipzig. The central building of the BMW factory, which combines futuristic architecture with a pure spirit, amazes us with its spacious offices that house more than 6000 people.

Futuristic design wallpapers and matching original table

futuristic architecture poster muarl design table tangled lines

Futuristic architecture is increasingly taking over our homes to transform living rooms into a real oasis of well-being. Such is the case of this minimalist room that dazzles us with its futuristic furniture and its exceptional wall covering! More than a wall covering, we’re talking about the ultra-modern wallpaper designed by Zaha Hadid that features geometric shapes and interlocking lines.

Futuristic architecture invites itself into our homes to transform the living rooms!

futuristic architecture zaha hadid table black white marble

The renowned Iraqi-British architect has always excelled in interior design. Fall in love with these beautiful marble coffee tables. These marble tables have a light and airy design that would suit any minimalist interior!

Transparent glass coffee table designed by Zaha Hadid

futuristic architecture two-piece table transparent glass zaha hadid

Futuristic architecture takes over every corner of the minimalist living room. Are you looking for a coffee table that will transform your living room? Then we suggest you choose the glass table designed by Zaha Hadid. This extraordinary table called “Liquid Glacial Table” is an exceptional piece that looks more like an art object than an ordinary piece of furniture. The translucent acrylic table has two sturdy legs topped by a transparent top with soft curves and rounded corners that give it a distinctive style.

The contemporary art center in Abu Dhabi – a project that will see the light of day in 2018!

futuristic architecture abstract building water dubai zaha hadid

The contemporary art center on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi imagined by the British architect is a modern building of organic design whose exterior facade is reminiscent of the entangled lines of tree leaves. Estimated at more than 250 million dollars, this spectacular building should be built by 2018.

Futuristic architecture and rounded shapes to transform the interior into a haven of peace!

futuristic architecture interior shopping mall curved lines

A friendly atmosphere and refined decor reign in this new building located a few meters from Zurich airport. The Circle is an innovative project designed by the architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects. Like the flowing curves of a river, this luminous interior plunges us into its voluptuous bowels marked by a mix of soft lines and sinuous curves.

Artistic glass ceiling and sober design escalators

futuristic architecture zaha hadid zagreb interior ceiling design stairs

Futuristic architecture has also invaded the airport of Zagreb in Croatia. We appreciate the sober design of this bright interior highlighted by the glass ceiling – a real skylight. Here, organic forms are everywhere – from the artistic ceiling to the discreet lines that transform the escalators into a beautiful contemporary work of art.

The Bergisel ski jump is a feat of futuristic architecture!

futuristic architecture zaha hadid building concrete minimalist design

This futuristic design is a beautiful ski jump located in Innsbruck, Austria. Renewed in 2002 by Zaha Hadid, the Bergisel ski jump has a panoramic terrace that offers a spectacular view of the Innsbruck mountains and its surroundings.

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