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About the book

The Chemical Engineering Vocabulary was written for students and young professionals in chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and economics, who have to do with chemical engineering in an academic or industrial setting.

All entries come with a sentence, which shows the application and, in addition, provides a piece of relevant and interesting information. In contrast to common dictionaries, this book does not have trivial entries (e.g. filter/Filter, metal/Metall, vacuum/Vakuum, project/Projekt). Only terms that are relevant for work, 2600, were selected.

After studying these terms from the areas of chemistry, engineering and chemical engineering, supplemented by important entries from neighbouring disciplines such as pharmaceutics, economics, law and safety, the reader will have a solid vocabulary at his/her disposal, so that he/she can communicate in all areas of the process industries in a competent way and make use of the scientific and technical literature efficiently.

Note: The second part of this book entitled “Verfahrenstechnik Wortschatz” can also be downloaded for free at

Extract from the document

a.u. : Chemical Engineering Vocabulary: Bilingual

A/P : onym/Abbreviation referral: see arbitrary units Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see accounts payable

A/R Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see accounts receivable

abrasive : abrasiv; Schleifmittel, das
Calcium carbonate can be used as abrasive, for example as “polishing agent” in toothpaste.

absorbance : Absorbanz, die (chem.) In contrast to absorption, the absorbance A is directly proportional to the concentration of the absorbing species. A is calculated as ln (l0/l) with l0 being the initial and l the transmitted light intensity, respectively.

absorption : Absorption, die (chem.) The absorption of light is often called attenuation and must not be mixed up with adsorption, an effect at the surface of a solid or liquid. Absorption of liquids and gases means that they diffuse into a liquid or solid.

abstract : Zusammenfassung, die
An abstract is a summary of a scientific piece of work.

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