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a.u. : Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see arbitrary units

A/P : Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see accounts payable

A/R : Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see accounts receivable

abrasive  :Calcium carbonate can be used as abrasive, for example as “polishing agent” in toothpaste. 

absorbance : In contrast to absorption, the absorbance A is directly proportional to the concentration of the absorbing species. A is calculated as ln (l0/l) with l0 

being the initial and l the transmitted light intensity, respectively. 

absorption : The absorption of light is often called attenuation and must not be mixed up with adsorption, an effect at the surface of a solid or liquid. Absorption 

of liquids and gases means that they diffuse into a liquid or solid. 

abstract : An abstract is a summary of a scientific piece of work. 

AC : Acronym/Abbreviation referral: see alternating current 

academic : The Royal Society, which was founded in 1660, was the first academic society.

acceleration : In SI units, acceleration is measured in meters/second2 

accompanying element : After precipitation, the thallium had to be separated from the accompanying elements. TI (atomic number 81) is highly toxic and can be found in rat poisons and insecticides. 

accounting : Working in accounting requires paying attention to details. 

accounts payable : Acronym: A/P The controller proposed to delay payment of accounts payable in order to have enough liquidity for another transaction. 

accounts receivable : Acronym: A/R The young accountant was working with accounts receivable. 

accrual : Accrual is an accounting concept to allocate expenses and revenue to the correct time. Here is an example: On December 20, 2015, a company delivered a product to a customer who was expected to pay 30 days later. Still, the income was disclosed in the income statement of 2015, although payment would only be received in the upcoming fiscal year. 

acetic acid : The melting point of acetic acid is 16.5°C. The formula of this organic compound is CH3COOH.

achromatic : An achromatic lens is used when color abberation needs to be avoided. 

acicular : The MSDS (material safety data sheet) describes wollastonite as an acicular material. 

acid : A superacid is an acid that has a greater acidity than 100% sulfuric acid, such as fluorosulfuric acid (FSO3H). 

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